At this time of change, with many obstacles and hurdles being put in the way of successful retailing, we at Premier have studied the market trends, our design and production processes, to ensure that we do everything we can to get popular products to fill your shelves and aisles.

In addition to our Hong Kong base, our Buying Office and Sister Company in the Far East are now firmly established in new larger offices in China, near the main Guangzhou East Train Station. This allows the fully structured Merchandising, Quality Control and Quality Assurance Teams along with Shipping/Logistics and overall Management Team to work together in one location.

We have also been able to open a huge new Showroom area over two floors. This houses many product ranges including Premier’s Christmas, Summer and Halloween.

Being in the Far East and close to many of our suppliers, this office enables us to work to certain ethical standards.

All Factories and Suppliers are evaluated using internationally recognised compliance standards covering child labour, discrimination, corruption, wages and benefits, working hours and conditions, environmental issues and health and safety. Something that is of vital importance to us here at Premier.

This Office works with our own team of people in the UK to offer advanced planning and scheduling services through the sourcing and production cycles. There are manufacturing control systems in place to monitor the progress of production and keep everyone informed of any modifications or changes to the original plans.


3811B Skyline Tower • 38th Floor • 39 Wang Kwong Road
Kowloon Bay • Hong Kong
Telephone: +(852) 2350 7800
Fax: +(852) 2325 0298
E-mail: kayelcn@premierdec.com

206-208 North Tower • Centre Plaza • No. 159 Lin-He Xi Road
Guangzhou • Guangdong • China
Telephone: +(86) 20 2282 6098
Fax: +(86) 20 2282 6000
E-mail: kayelcn@premierdec.com
Website: www.kayelgroup.com